Jewellery Care

  • We recommend to take off your Jewellery before showering and swimming
  • Avoid direct contacts with perfumes, creams, hairspray etc. on your Jewellery
  • Avoid exposing your Jewellery to chemicals that may harm your pieces
  • Always keep your Jewellery in a cool, dry place after use or in the MA Pouch or box it comes with
  • Polish your Jewellery regularly with the polishing cloth it comes with
  • Our Jewels are made to last, but it will not handle extreme bending force and rough handling

Our Jewellery is made of Sterling Silver and Stainless base plated with 14k or 18k gold. We use a process called Physical Vapor Deposition which is a vacuum coating that provides a strong and durable bond. PVD will last much longer time than a standard gold plating. Also, with proper care your Jewellery can last you years.